6 Steps to Survive a Lightning Storm

As per the India Meteorological Department, more thunderstorms with light rain and strong winds are likely to hit India till May 11. Keeping the current weather conditions in mind, thekidslogic team has decided to share a few steps with its users on how to survive the storms, specially the deadly lightning strikes during a thunderstorm.

Step 1
Gauge the danger: If you can hear thunder, you’re within striking distance of lightning.

Step 2
Seek shelter in a fully enclosed building; open structures are not safe. Once inside, stay off electronics and corded phones and away from plumbing; lightning can travel through wires and plumbing. Remain indoors until 30 minutes after the thunder ends.

Step 3
If there is no enclosed building nearby but you have access to a car, get inside it, roll up the windows, and stay off electronic equipment.

Step 4
If you’re stuck in an open space, crouch down on the balls of your feet, feet together, to minimise your contact with the ground. Put your hands over your ears to protect yourself from acoustic shock, which can damage hearing. If you’re with a group, leave at least 20 feet between each person to decrease the risk of more than one person getting struck.

Step 5
Don’t take a boat out on the water if a thunderstorm is predicted. If a storm catches you by surprise and you can’t get to land, weigh anchor, stay in the cabin, if the boat has one, or crouch as low as possible within the boat. Avoid touching metal and don’t use any electronic devices.

Step 6
If you see someone get hit by lightning, call on a helpline number of your area and then evaluate their condition; you can’t get electrocuted by touching them. If they’re unconscious but breathing, wait for help. If they’re not breathing, start CPR chest compressions and keep going until they regain consciousness or help arrives

It becomes important for us to remain alert during such natural disasters. We have no control over the attacks from the nature but we can always follow some useful tips that could help us survive the natural calamities. Watch the video on how to survive a lightning storm and don’t forget to share the steps with your loved ones.