God tells this 9-year old— “My return is very soon”

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!” Matthew 5:8

Children are considered the purest form of human beings, for they could trust easily, love unconditionally, laugh uncontrollably, play endlessly, and smile beautifully. No doubt, God loves them the most!

This 9-year-old girl in the video claims to have seen Jesus who wants her to share His message with the world. The Message that she got from the Lord is quite scary too but the way she has shared, is truly appreciating. There is no fear, no worry, just a smile on her face, and the happiness of having a conversation with God. It’s beautiful!

So, what did the God say to her? “There is going to be a huge earthquake before the rapture (The transporting of believers to heaven before the second coming of Christ) will happen and millions will be killed.”
Those who believe in the innocence of kids would trust her.

And, later, she shared two of her favourite scriptures too which are worth sharing with our readers too.
John 3:16 and John 14:6.
This little girl believes in every single word Lord has uttered and therefore, quite sure about the destruction of the monstrous world soon.