Flooded Cave Fails to Shake Spirits of Thai Kids

The messages on the yellow paper from the boys stuck in the flooded cave showed both humour and homesickness. They wrote to assure their parents and relatives that they are strong and their loved ones should not worry about them. One of them wrote “We are all healthy and strong and we want to go straight home.”

These amazing kids are not scared at all. The way they are handling this situation is mind blowing. Even adults would have lost hope had they been in a similar situation. They wrote a message for their teachers too.

“Teachers, please don’t give too much homework,”. Anybody would cry after reading these lines written by these little kids from the deadly cave where they have been trapped for last two weeks.

Till now, eight kids have been rescued from the flooded Thai cave by Thai and international divers and we, at The Kids Logic, pray for the safe rescue of the remaining kids as well and wish all of them come out safe and sound.

Two weeks ago, the little Thai Football players, aged between 11 and 16 and their 25-year-old coach walked into the caves Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai province, about 825 kilometres north of Bangkok.

The caves have narrow passageways and large chambers that stretch for up to 10 kilometres under a mountain. The kids along with their coach were exploring the caves when a flash flood trapped them after heavy rains.