Emergency Evacuation Lift, A Must!

With the increase in the high-rise buildings worldwide, there is a dire need for an effective emergency evacuation system—Nerigo Emergency Evacuation Lift. This lift is a must if you are working or staying in a high rise building where there is a possibility of being trapped by fire, terrorism, any criminal attack, or accident, that could result in the loss of life or serious injury due to no other means of emergency being available.

Korean company Nerigo has designed this simple evacuation platform which enables people, specially elderly who can’t make it easily down the stairs, and makes them quickly escape the danger of fire or any other calamity or attack to safety.

Through such emergency evacuation system, the evacuees could descend vertically down as shown in the video. This emergency evacuation lift provides a direct, through-floor escape route in case of fire, calamity, or accident in a high-rise building.
There are many proven methods of emergency evacuation systems and all variants of such evacuation systems are an effective alternative way of evacuating from a high place when all other escape routes are just impossible.

Watch this amazing video of this unusual discovery that could save many lives from a high place.