Ellen Introduces Kids to the Technology of Yesterday

I love gadgets, smartphone, new electronic toys and even my dad is very fond of technology. Dad always keeps the latest technology with him, whenever new phone come in the market my dad will get that in exchange for old one for some offer. The latest gadget he bought is the VR glasses, they are just awesome friends you can watch 3D movies with that. Sometimes when dad introduces me to the old technology that existed at their time, I am unable to understand how to operate them. They are not like the gadgets we use today; no doubt they are the base of the technology that has been updated to gadgets we utilize.

The video that I am sharing with you friends is related to the change in the technology. In the video Ellen introduces children technology of old days, showing them gadgets that were used in early days and are now almost out-dated and hardly seen in day to day life. And even Ellen was amazed to know how the modern generation will become completely unaware of the technology used in past, the base of the technology that they are using today. We should have a little knowledge of things that existed in the past if those things would not have been invented we may never have the technology we have today. Do watch the video, enjoy.

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