Dubai unveils plans to build ₹900 crore Mars simulation city

Dubai unveils the city on Mars

It was on Twitter catching up with every single person’s imagination who read it…

Dubai unveiled the plans for the development of Mars Science City  ‘a space simulation’ in Dubai, part of Dubai’s first settlement project development on the Red Planet by the year 2117.

The AED 500 million-scheme (in INR nearly ₹900 crore), spread across 1.9m sq ft simulating the real conditions as on the surface of the Mars.

The city will feature a series of futuristic domes structures–designed by internationally renowned architects Bjarke Ingels

It will also encompass laboratories for food, energy and water, as well as agricultural testing and studies about food security in the future. The science city will also boast a museum that displays humanity’s greatest space achievements, including educational areas meant to engage young citizens with space, and inspire in them a passion for exploration and discovery.

The walls of the museum will be 3D printed, using sand from the Emirati desert.

The project will seek to attract the “best scientific minds from around the world” to support the UAE’s contribution to human development and the improvement of life.

Plans for Mars Science City includes an experiential element which will involve a team living in the stimulated red planet city for a year. The experience will enable the development of a model for sustaining life in hostile planetary environments.

A range of experiments will lead to innovation around self-sufficiency in energy, water and food.

The project was unveiled on Tuesday by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.