Aryaveer in conversation with young wildlife photographer Arshdeep

Aryaveer Nath, a 9-year-old smart, confident kid who loves to talk to people took interview of Arshdeep Singh, a 10-year-old wildlife photographer from Jalandhar, Punjab.Kids want to know everything and so, the Kid Logic team decided to start a new series “Kids want to know” where the little team will interview the young and the old, the experienced and the beginners, the achievers and the strugglers. After all, Kids want to know all…


Arshdeep is the winner of Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award (Asia), top wildlife award of the Asian Continent. What he is doing is not possible for everyone to do in his age.

His parents must be very proud of him. And, what Aryaveer Nath is doing is also mind blowing. The new generation doesn’t have time. They don’t want to waste a day, forget about years. Kids today really Want To Know everything and that is why they are always curious and know a lot more than what an adult knows.

The kind of questions that the young interviewer asked the young achiever are enough to leave anyone amazed. If a journalist from some media house watch this interview, s/he would actually start doubting their skills after listening to the jaw dropping questions.

Too good, Aryaveer. And, the pictures clicked by Arshdeep can leave all the professional photographers awestruck. Congratulations, Arshdeep. The Kids Logic is a platform for kids and it is always a delight to see kids involved in incredible works.

So, guys! Check out this amazing video where a kid interviews another kid and stay tuned for more such interesting interviews on in our new interview series “Kids Want to Know.”