A cry for a child’s right

We are the purest souls of god. Yes we children are the ones who are the most innocent creatures on earth then why do we have to face so many troubles in our adolescence. I am a six year old child who is here to tell you the cry of every child whose parents fear the problem of being kidnapped.  I want to inform you all that in our motherland India, a child is lost every eight minutes. Has anyone of you ever thought what happens to these kids, where are they kept and how are they being tortured. I know you adults must have never thought about the bad condition of the kids. So let me tell you that these innocent and small children are forced to do wrong works which can disturb their mental balance. Small kids like me who were supposed to go to schools are thrown on the streets for begging, some are forced child Labour and to the worst extent their organs are also being transplanted in many cases. Tell me what how would any parent feel if their child is taken by such bad bad people. Do you think that small kids like me are safe today? My parents are very scared to send me anywhere alone. They don’t even allow me to play. They never leave me alone for any reason but the way these kids are being kidnapped I think my parents are right for being over protective. But why should we fear from you adults . Why are we not allowed to play in outside. Why are we not allowed to enjoy our adolescence to the fullest? Why are we forced to be inside our home? We are small kids and it is our right to play but you people are mature to understand. When anything happens in the world you blame the police but I want to ask is it the responsibility of police alone? No it is the responsibility of every individual. If we as small kids can understand this then why can’t you mature people understand.