A 3-year-old boy solves his own murder!

Boy remembers being killed in past life

This is a story of a 3-year-old boy who solved his own murder. Remember, it’s a true story and not a part of “The Killing” series you watch online. This boy was murdered in his past life and shared some incredible details. He reincarnated to make his murderer admitted to the crime from a past life. Now that sounds freaky!

So, is the boy a product of reincarnation? If this is true, then we all perhaps are reincarnations of our past lives. Many people still feel a little skeptical about what exactly these past life memories are. However, no matter how much our rational mind objects, we won’t be able to doubt our own eyes and ears.

This little boy clearly remembers being killed in the past and shockingly, even told people how he murdered and where he was buried. He even showed the birth mark where he suffered fatal wound from his past life. The little boy led elders from his present life to his previous village and told them of his name from past life. People in the village recalled the man the boy claimed he was. According to them, the man, the boy claimed he was, disappeared four years earlier and never returned. Soon the boy recounted exactly who his murderer was. When the boy confronted his killer, the man’s face turned white.

Watch the video to get goosebumps seeing how a 3-year-old boy solved his own murder from his past life!