Taekwondo Champion Aryaveer Goes Shirtless like Salman for 360 kicks

“Main hu superkid, Salman se fit”. Yes, cute, little taekwondo champion Aryaveer is back with his amazing skills.

This time, the super boy has decided to show the world how to do 360 kicks flawlessly. He has proved that it is possible to do such tricks for a small boy which even the grown-ups are scared to do.

Wow! Aryaveer has done a great job! His 360 kicks deserve a huge round of applause. The boy has shown that you don’t need a well-built body do perform 360 kicks and that is why the boy has got the title “Sukadai Pehelwan’ from his fans.

Our very own Sukadai Pehelwan is so much engrossed in the act that he couldn’t control himself from showing his love for Salman Khan as well. How? Well, you can figure that out by looking at his “shirtless way” of doing the stunt and that too multiple times which appeared no less than a scene from a Bollywood movie.

However, one needs a lot of practice and training sessions to perform such tasks and kids should do it under the supervision of adults only. It is definitely not healthy to do it without wearing a shirt and it has been conveyed to Aryaveer also.

What’s more! There’s a twist in the end. Stay glued to your phone or laptop screen to see what happens next. The boy had to be rescued after performing the task. Why? Do watch this hilarious video and don’t forget to like, share & comment.