Ponga Pandit goes filmy. Weekly horoscope from 6th to 13th Aug, 2018!

There is just no stopping your very own Ponga Pandit, the PP!
Yes, we must admit that the way PP has made his way into your lives and hearts he now is yours and not ours. Hehehehe.

Well, let us warn, we mean inform you guys and bells in advance that Ponga Pandit has gone very filmy. Aajkal paaon zameen par nahin hain unke. Hawa mein udh rahe hai. Someone did challenge him with the latest technology but Ponga Pandit showed him who the BOSS is! Watch for yourself.

And the way he has given the weekly dose of bhawishyavaaniyan this time is fit enough to make it to the Golden Raspberry Awards. Do you have any idea what are these awards? Grammy’s se bhi badkar hain!

Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn….. all 12 signs vouch for his pinpoint, accurate predictions.

Ponga Pandit might be only eight but carries a lot of intellectual weight! In his own style, “Chota bachcha jaan ke mujhse na takrana re, Dubi dubi dab dab!”

Lekin, no one can deny the fact that PP and his predictions are spot on, so here’s coming your way his predictions for the week — August 6 to August 13, 2018!

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Catch you soon!