Our Ponga Pandit is too good! Check out his predictions from 30th July to 5th August, 2018!

A huge round of applause for our very own Ponga Pandit, aka PP is here with us with this week’s bhawishyavaaniyan of the dozen bhar ke signs, and symptoms.

Aries ho ya Taurus, gol ho ya choras, Leo ho tum ya Pisces, future telling here it is, Capricorn aur Scorpio, inki predictions sun sun jio. Aquarius ho ya Gemini, listen to him carefully bhai, Virgo ho ya Leo, sada khush raho, phalo phoolo aur pio. Libra ho ya Sagittarius, he will tell you things funny and serious.

The future fruit by Ponga Pandit could be tasty for some and bitter for others. Our Ponga Pandit is just 8-year-old and he is very cute and bold. He is no scared of anything and can tell you many things. Little Pandit says everything with confidence that could make some happy and some tense. But don’t worry, he has solutions too.

Don’t take his words for granted, he is Pandit Ponga who tells the future without his Donga.
Hehehehe. He does bhavishyaniyan with just a Mala in hand, no need of any baja and band.

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