Dance is my life, says Shreya Reddy

With her robotic dance moves, Shreya has won more than 10 million hearts on social media in just a few months. Her jaw-dropping locking, popping and tutting dance moves on the famous Bollywood songs ‘tip tip barsa pani’ and ‘silsila yeh chahat ka’ are amazingly beautiful, giving goose bumps to anyone who watches.

Recently, Sherya happily connected with the Kids Logic team to speak about her journey and future plans. Read on…

1. How are you feeling after the success of your video on YouTube?
It was a big surprise to me. Because the tip tip barsa pani dance video was uploaded just to share it with friends and family. I have no idea how it got viral. Then we got such a huge response and request to upload more videos, which I started and the response was overwhelming and obviously, for me, it is such a great joy. But it’s a great responsibility to give better and better entertaining videos. I wish my fans that…. “bass… dua mein hamesha yaad rakhna aur mein apne fans ko aise he smile de sakun”.

2. How do you balance studies and dance?
Studies are a part of my life but dance is my life. To be honest, I am just an average student and I want to make my career in dance only. My papa says when your “WHY” is strong you don’t need to worry, things will be placed automatically and I am glad he was right.

3. What are your future plans? Do you plan to take up dance seriously?
My future plans are to make my career in dance only. Not sure maybe I will become a choreographer or open a dance institute of my own. Yes, I am very serious about my dancing.

4. How many posts do you create in a day?
I don’t create posts on a daily basis. in fact, I don’t get time for it. I post randomly whenever I get time and feel like posting.

5. What according to you is the secret to your success?
My Mom and Dad are the secrets. I am very casual about my eating habits and mom makes sure that I eat well and on time. She also takes care of my looks and suggests the best. My dad is my mentor. Because of their support I am here today and I would say this is just the initial step that I achieved. I need to work hard to live my dream.

6. Any advice you would want to give to the kids who spend too much time on social media and take their studies for granted?
In today’s date, I feel you can’t take away children from social media exposure. I myself use a lot but one thing for sure, don’t use social media just for entertainment, use it to give yourself some kind of profit like learning, gaining knowledge, getting inspired, etc.