“Bura mat type karo, bura mat like karo, bura mat share karo”— says Aryaveer

Hey look! This boy has something very deep to share with us. It is amazing to see an 8 year old boy sharing such an awesome message with the intolerant people of the nation. And, what’s the message? “Bura mat type karo, bura mat like karo aur bura mat share karo” (Do not type anything bad, do not like anything bad, and do not share anything bad). Wow!

We need to learn from little Aryaveer that remembering Gandhi Ji on Gandhi Jayanti is not enough. We should remember his teachings also. The internet is flooded with the life changing quotes of Mahatma Gandhi. But, what do we do? We prefer to watch fake news, fake videos and type anything without checking the facts. And, for what people all that? For a few likes. No, actually for a million views…they can go to any extent. Seekho is bachche se kuch pyare hindustanio (please learn from this kid, dear Indians). Don’t fight, don’t believe in whatever you see on social media. It gets published by anyone from anywhere.

In this digital era, we need to keep a watch on what we do on the digital platforms. It’s like an open ground where anyone can do anything. There are no boundaries and people are misusing it. If this kid can understand this, why can’t we adults? Gandhi ji use to say “Bura mat dekho, bura mat suno, bura mat kaho.” Now, people have no time to see, hear or say. They just type, like and share without even thinking.

On the occasion of Gandhi ji’s 150th birth anniversary, Aryaveer requests everyone to please go follow the teachings of Gandhi ji, specially of non-violence. There is a dire need to follow what the father of our nation used to say in this era of intolerance. Thank you, Aryaveer for making it easy for us to understand our beloved Bapu’s message in your simple (or rather digital) language. That’s very cute and very true!