Differently-abled toddler helps calm his baby sister

It is so difficult to explain in words the scene in this heart-warming video of a differently-abled little toddler who, despite his inability to hold anything with hands, tried his best to help calm his sister by giving her soother. Yes, he has no hands, still he succeeded in calming his baby sister.

In this video his sister is crying continuously and he made efforts to hold the soother first in his mouth and then took it near her baby sister’s mouth. This baby boy also helped her sister to hold the soother properly. The scene could bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

This adorable little boy not only helped his sister but gave a valuable lesson to all those self-centred human beings who, despite their ability to help others, do not take any step to make the lives of the lesser privileged a little better. Though there are some who really go out of their ways to help those in need, the world needs more such people. Hopefully, this video will work as an eye opener for at least those who think they are incapable of helping others.

We need to understand that help doesn’t always mean giving out money to the needy, we can help even by talking to someone or take that person to the one who could better help him or her. All we need in our hearts is “love” and “compassion”.

Thank you, little boy, you are teaching a great lesson to mankind. You have proved that “Where there is a will there is a way” and that “Nothing is impossible.” You have also taught innocently the world that, “Help is just a thought away.”