A 4-Year-Old Does Makeup like a Pro!

If you were not playing with mud at this age, you were probably learning to dress up your doll or how to colour inside lines. Aima might only be four but make up is clearly a child’s play to this young makeup artist. This cute girl is here to tell the world that there is a lot more that could be done at this age.

That’s not all! You will be amazed to know that four-year-old Aima has her own Facebook page “Littlegirl” with over 74000 followers.

In this video, she shows how to do makeup like a pro. She does is so flawlessly that even professional makeup artists would not be able to stop themselves from applauding for her.

Aima looks so cute and confident that you would surely want to click on the replay icon.
Check out the makeup tutorial video by Aima.