Top 10 Science Experiments – Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation

Science experiments are a fun way to learn new things, learn how things work and with these experiments our mind finds out new possibilities. I love performing science experiments in the school lab. Our science lab is built a very large area; a number of experiments are done over there. From 4th class students to higher secondary students perform experiments so everyone is instructed to keep the lab safe and clean. Safety is a must, as different kinds of chemicals are placed in the lab and some are flammable and dangerous for any human contact so friends, be careful while you work in the science lab. A little carelessness can become hazardous for not just you but for the ones near you, so be careful.

The following videos that I am sharing with you friends, Is a compilation of science experiments that can be performed easily at home, you can also try these experiments and learn new things. The experiments performed in the video are quite safe, but in experiments having safety issues please perform those experiments in the presence of elder person, safety always first is the main rule of our science lab. Do watch the video; learn new experiments perform them in front of your friends. Enjoy!

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