Stop Animal Cruelty: Security officer Caught on camera beating a dog to death.

Hello, Friends yesterday I heard very sad news from my friends who lives in Rohini area of Delhi. He told me about a security officer who was captured on camera beating a dog too badly to death. I was shocked after listening to him, how someone can do this. I love dogs, in fact, I do love all the pets and dad says that dogs are the best friends of humans, the reason we have two cute dogs at home. And this is so bad what humans are doing with their best friends.

But the news that I heard was so disheartening. When I shared this with my brother he said that the news is already viral over the internet social media and he has read about this. He said that after reporting to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) a FIR has been filed against the security guard but nothing will come to justify the incident as the laws are not so powerful against such crimes. He added that the guard will be out from everything after paying a little fine. This is so sad; friends do share your views on this incident and do join the people on social media who have come forward against such brutal act against animals.

If you want to raise your voice against this brutal action please sign the petition below started by youforanimal . Stringent animal protection law is what they are fighting for and every single signature counts.

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Ban Animal Abuse

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