Happy 2019, Students!

“The school syllabus in India is more exhaustive than that of BA and B. Com courses, and needs to be reduced by half so that students get time for other activities for their all-round development.”
For so many years we have been hearing similar lines from parents and teachers who have been feeling helpless by seeing students dealing with the pressure of huge syllabus every year.

Now, good news is that, the complaining time is over. These words have been voiced by none other than our Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar who has now become the ray of hope for millions of students, teachers and parents, for now he could bring the much-awaited change in a school student’s life.
Thank God! Finally, someone in power could empathise with our children. His words have come as a big relief to all of us. Cutting syllabus to half means more time to play, to think, to explore, to research, to declutter the mind, to widen new horizons, to do all the mastis that would open up the mind more for amazing ideas that would make our children what was being impeded by the tedious NCERT syllabus. Half syllabus definitely means more time for things the children always plan but never get time to do.

However, there are many out there who are not very happy with this statement as they feel half syllabus means half course and half knowledge and children might face new challenges in future while taking up a career due to incomplete knowledge. But, wait! What knowledge they are talking about? Following the hundred years old education pattern is not going to bring any change, my dear friends! That time was different. That was the time of less population, less career options, less marks, more jobs, no internet, no stress. Let’s understand the need of the hour. The kids today think completely different, their minds work beyond the NCERT books. It is understandable if they find them boring. There’s so much interesting things to add to the existing syllabus. Like, the biographies in English, innovations by young IITians in science, the face of the new India, the digital India in Social Studies, and a lot more could be done. Hope our dear HRD minister would suggest these changes in the years old pattern and chapters of NCERT books. No, we are not saying to remove the existing one completely, but, that could be taught in bullet points or in short. We should focus more on what the today’s generation is interested in. Then neither teacher nor do the parents have to push their children to study, for they would already be knowing more that half of the syllabus 😊
This way we could have more Sachin, Sehwag, Sania, Abhinav, Shahrukh, Abdul Kalam, Kalpana Chawla and a lot more. Let’s begin the work for the “future of India” and leave the past behind.