Can you enjoy rain like these kids?

Kids Enjoying Rain

Forget about water logging on roads, school, college and office. Don’t worry about that strict teacher in school or bully boss at office. Stop cribbing about bad roads and traffic jams. Stop cursing the governments. Just enjoy the rains like these two little kids. Wow! School ki chutti ho gayi. Koi baat nahi. Office nahi ja paaye? It’s ok. Don’t worry, be happy. Just enjoy the moments and watch these two kids playing football in water park (which was a normal park till early morning today). Kahi jaane ki zarurat nahi.

Eat garma garam pakodhas or samosas with a cup of hot tea and sit in your balcony and watch these kids (in your phone, of course) playing football and enjoying rain. Arre baba! Not everywhere kids are playing like this, that’s why suggesting you the best way to enjoy rain. Aur har koi itna cool bhi toh nahi hota. Some kids have been sent to school by the parents zabardasti. Some wanted to go at any cost. And, some know how to live in the moment and enjoy life, enjoy nature and rain. These kids are among those. Life ko enjoy karo tension mat lo! Sach mein, after watching them, you will miss your childhood days when you would wait for rain so that you could play with your paper boat. “Woh kagaz ki kashti, woh baarish ka paani. ” Ab toh sirf gana bacha hai. It’s better to enjoy rain from a distance. From your windows and balconies.
Enjoy this amazing video. These kids will surely make you feel nostalgic. It feels so good just by watching these kids playing in the rain. Don’t you feel like joining them? Sach batana.