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Who am I?

I am a kid. What does a kid means to you? I am sure in the adult world kid means immature, notorious, and cranky being who needs a lot of life skill training. Uffff!! I am tired of this! There is an advertisement which says that a human brain
development happens by the age of 5. So can I say that the adult’s brain and a kid’s brain are equally developed? Well that’s some food for thought; we would mull over it later; for now let me tell why I am here.

girlWhy am I here? 

On behalf of every kid out there I welcome you to ‘The Kids Logic’. It is our world of endless possibilities. We experience the world through innocent and curious eyes.

It is the world full of ideas, dreams and pure souls. The Kids Logic will provide an insight of me and my friends’ thoughts, our likes and dislikes. Want to know what is going on in our mind? So come here because The Kids Logic will let you peep in our mind. See the world through our rose-tinted glasses and I assure you we all will have fun alongside. It is going to be the podium provided to us and to our amazing opinions and fantastic ideas.

BOY3What I and my friends do?

We record these interesting opinions; add lots of logic to simple life problems in the form of awesome videos. The best ever videos and other visuals are shared on this forum casting our views on, sports, studies, animals, food and what not!
Your child has love for some specific kind of toys? Then why not help him build an opinion on that toy through our Toy review category. Hey! Remember Machli Jal Ki Rani hai poem? Let’s just sit and sing together some of those poems. Don’t think much just come and feel the world of childhood through this kid’s world.

I and my friends have different opinions about everything just like you. You will be taken aback after knowing our logic’s behind our perceptions. Our generation has unprecedented intellectual level, better than the past generation you have known. Don’t judge us wrong when we tell you that we can do better than most of you as every generation likes to go one step beyond where the previous generation has stepped in. Be it technology or anything else we are there to challenge your thinking borders. (sentence was too long)


How will me and my friends make your time worth looking for us?

The Kids Logic also encapsulates our innocence, our moral values and most of all our sanity which fades away somewhere as we mature. Some videos here convey our message because we want to be heard, some other might touch
your chord by reviving your childhood memories thus rejuvenating your minds because once you were the same as we are, some other videos might take you back to your childhood vicariously because you miss your childhood.

Hey! Do/Don’t you feel like becoming a kid again? Or are you feeling like sharing some of your childhood memories with us? Why don’t you just sit and fill up a slam book of memories here. Umm!! Let’s just build up a tree of logic’s by being creative and kiddish at the same time.

I and my friends are spreading the red carpet for the children here! In this unique platform only kids will be the center of attraction. They won’t act like adults but will be “the adults” who will all set to gear up for some action and thrill to make themselves hear you all!



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